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The title is self explanatory, really. I made this blog to showcase some of the amazing art/retouches I find on various sites. I feel that true retouching is an art on its own. Works here are not mine unless otherwise tagged/stated. I try my best to only link pictures back to their original owner, but please shoot me a message if I ever fail to do so. If your work is displayed and you do not wish for it to be on this blog, just message me and I will gladly remove it for you. Feel free to ask any questions!


uhh geezus, how sweet and futuristic!


uhh geezus, how sweet and futuristic!

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Any of my followers still out there?

Sorry for the long hiatus, you guys! Due to personal reasons, I was not able to update this blog as much as I had wanted. I had tried queueing some posts, but it didn’t work out (obviously). 
So, I’m back! Braces yourselves…retouch posts are coming! 

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Tratamento que fiz para uma revista… sempre há um tapinha nas fotos…(não são de minha autoria)

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Punk RoyaltyPhotography: Lauran A.Styling & Creative Direction: Yume NinjaEditing: Yume Ninja2009 


Punk Royalty
Photography: Lauran A.
Styling & Creative Direction: Yume Ninja
Editing: Yume Ninja


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Nightwingchu날아라 나윙츄

Pikachu retouch, anyone? 


날아라 나윙츄

Pikachu retouch, anyone? 

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